Customer FAQ


1. What is the progress of the recall process to date?

Thanks to the understanding and support of our customers, the process is progressing positively. In February 2015 Volkswagen launched the recall action and began installing metal inlays on the rear axle trailing arm of affected vehicles. As of May 10th, the completion rate for Sagitar and The Beetle has reached 90.4% and 89.4% respectively. We would once again like to extend our sincerest apologies to all our customers affected by this recall and at the same time thank them for their trust and understanding.

2. What has Volkswagen been doing these past 8 months?

Volkswagen has paid the utmost attention to the investigation report issued by AQSIQ in September 2015. In the past eight months, under the supervision of the Law Enforcement and Supervision Department of AQSIQ, Volkswagen has conducted feasibility tests and comparative evaluations on multiple technical solutions. A technical solution with detection and preventive signal functions now has been initially determined, and its initial testing has been fundamentally completed.

3. How does Volkswagen guarantee the driving safety of affected vehicles, before the measure is available?

To ensure your driving safety, we strongly advise customers who have installed the metal inlays: if your vehicle has had a rear-side or rear-end impact, even if there is no obvious exterior damage, please visit a FAW-Volkswagen or Volkswagen Group Import Co., Ltd. authorized dealership as soon as possible for a professional inspection.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite the remaining customers to contact our authorized dealers for installation of the metal inlays.

4.Will the measure affect any other measures, including the 10-year guarantee on the RTCA, the vehicle replacement scheme and other measures announced last year?

All the measures announced for affected vehicles are still valid. We are confident that this additional measure, along with a range of measures including a 10-year guarantee on the rear torsion crank axle, a vehicle replacement scheme valid for ten years from the date of the installation of the metal inlays and the Special Channels Service will further improve customer satisfaction.